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Hot Springs, Arkansas: America’s First Resort
by J. J. Scott
Although many places claim to be “America’s First Resort,” Hot Spring was the first federally protected area having been so designated in 1832.  Hot Springs was, in essence, America’s first national park even







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Is Seneca Falls the real Bedford Falls?
by Sandra Scott
Was Seneca Falls the historical model for the village of Bedford Falls made famous in the classic holiday movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life?”  The people of Seneca Falls think it was.  It is known that the director
Glore Psychiatric Museum Paints a Vivid Picture
Marilyn Jones
I am getting married; Don’t cry baby; I watching you; Bring along the knife, we going to cut; September in the rain; Would you like napkins, yes I would like napkins, thank you; Wait for me, I am lonely.  These ...(more)
Escape to Dauphin Island and the Alabama Coast
by Jo Ann Holt
Where do I start in attempting to describe the myriad pleasures to be enjoyed in Dauphin Island, Mobile Bay, and the coastal regions of Alabama?  In an effort not to leave anything out, maybe it’s ...(more)
Poland's Past Lives-on in Castles, Mines & Memorials
by Irene Butler
We became familiar with Poland an intimate way before ever stepping onto its soil. An elderly friend lived most of her life between Warsaw and Kraków and for years shared stories and vivid descriptions of
Spectacular September: A Taste of Keystone
by Sheree Bykofsky
More often than not, when someone thinks about Colorado, they think about skiing, but after a recent trip to The Centennial State, I have come to the conclusion that early September is the most sublime
Copenhagen Monday Through Sunday
Terje Raa
Helen Ann is a Danish lady who is so busy that she has no time to tell me how busy she is – up till today. I do see her perform occasionally, for Helen Ann is part of the Copenhagen entertainment scene,
Tastes of Past and Present Victoria, British Columbia
by Julie H. Ferguson
I push open the door and the scent of beeswax and fresh flowers transports me to an era when the pace was slower and life more gracious. The innkeeper welcomes me with a pot of tea and
Transylvania – A Melding of History and Lore
by Irene Butler
I have long been intrigued by Romanian’s mysterious folklore. Images flash through my mind of free-spirited Roma (gypsies) moving across the countryside, gifted with musical abilities and with psychic
Oklahoma captures the spirit of the Wild West
by Phyllis Steinberg
Cowboys reign supreme in Oklahoma City!  Cowgirls too, for that matter! There’s even a National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, but it isn’t at all the kind of museum I envisioned before entering the
Life’s a Beach in Arizona
by Dave Shultz
George Strait once sang…I got some ocean front property in Arizona. 
From my front porch you can see the sea. I got some ocean front property in Arizona. If you'll buy that, I'll throw the golden gate in free. 
Lisbon by the Riverside
by Terje Raa
When in Lisbon, you can’t always just walk down to the river. A busy harbor may turn you away. But if you visit the suburbs of Belem or Park of Nations, then the same river, Rio Tejo, will open up and
The Piedmont Sensations
by Agnes Chung
Set in the heart of the serene, timeless town of Cortemilia in Cuneo, Piedmont is Villa San Carlo. Owner and hotelier, Carlo Zarri and his family have been welcoming and pampering guests with
Hot Springs Magic Elixir
by Deborah Burst
Yea it’s been a rough year, okay, a couple of rough years. Bank bailouts, corporate greed, and the roller coaster stock market, need I say more? So stop sliding down that slippery slope. Pack your bags and
Enchanted by Northern Wales
by Sandra Scott: Culinary Travel Editor
Northern Wales is truly enchanting from the rolling green hills dotted with sheep to romantic castles from days of yore and from the seaside to the mountains. My husband, John, and I started our journey
Seeing and savoring historical and modern Madrid
by Lucy Komisar
I love visiting places where I feel not only in the present but in the past. That is the excitement and drama of Madrid.  History -- centuries past and the last one -- is told in the art and architecture of Spain's
Romantic Mediterranean Cruise on the Nieuw Amsterdam
by Vivienne Chapleo
"Do you think the crew will notice if we don't get off the ship at disembarkation tomorrow?", I queried of Jill, only half-joking. After all, our 12-day Holland America Line Mediterranean Romance



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