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TravelLady Magazine accepts articles from any source as long as they are well written and have accompanying photographs.  We do not pay for submissions at this time but offer other benefits.  If you are interested, contact Madelyn.

Part of writing an article for TravelLady requires the writer to review the web site and decide in which sections they wish their work presented. Example: Destinations, Europe, Russia. Actual instructions for creating these link instructions are contained in the guidelines.

Here is how to submit articles.

1. Send all proposed articles as attachments to Madelyn Miller for approval. If you are not using Microsoft Word, send the article as an attachment but ALSO send a copy of the article in the body of the email so Madelyn can read it.

2. Identify the email "subject" by putting the title of the article in the subject line.

3. Begin the body of the text with the title of the article. Do not skip a line. Directly beneath this place the subtitle if you have one. Directly beneath this place your name.

4.  Skip one line only, then begin the text of the article.

5.  Please use Times New Roman size 12 type and font throughout and single space the body of the article. The webmaster will adjust the fonts for the title.

6. Please format throughout as "left-justified," and WITHOUT indenting paragraphs.

7. Please do not skip two spaces at the end of a sentence. Just one!

8. Refer to published TravelLady articles for examples.

9. Picture placement is indicated in the text by typing as follows: {place picture number one here}.  Be sure your are labeled the same as the article.  If you call your photo Swimming Pool, use {place swimming pool photo here}

10. Image picture credits are to follow the article. Unfortunately we cannot label each picture.

11. At the conclusion of the body of the article, list links to appropriate sections. For example,

           destination: Europe/Russia
           special interests: skiing; family vacations

12. When Madelyn Miller has approved the article for publication, she will notify you by assigning the article a reference number. Any subsequent emails regarding the article need to be identified by this reference number as well as the article title IN THE EMAIL SUBJECT LINE.

13. Send articles to [email protected].  Forward accompanying VISUALS to [email protected], identified by reference number and article title in the email subject line. Please do not send any pictures to Madelyn Miller at other email addresses. To be included in the web publication, visuals need to be sent in promptly.  Images should be in jpg form and sized no larger than 72 pixels per inch and 3.5" for the long dimension.  If the are too large, the server will reject them.  If they do not have an article number in the subject line, the webmaster will reject them.


Check to make sure your article is formatted according to instructions above.  It really does make it easier for us to get them online.

Check suggested links for the Special Interest and Destination Sections.

Make sure that photo placement is indicated in the article. 

Following the above guidelines will guarantee your articles will be posted quickly and receive the maximum exposure.

Thanks from Madelyn

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